Dimensions: 4-5cm in length

Weight: Scooby: 4-5g
Copper: 8g


Scooby Brooch Range: Wire artisans carefully craft the shape of the brooch into an owl, protea, daisy, elephant, dragonfly, rhino or heart and then colourful combinations of scooby wire are wrapped around the frame. A quality brooch pin is fastened during this process at the back.

Copper Brooch Range: All our scooby wire brooches are available in copper and galvanised wire to create an earthy toned brooch range.

Beaded Brooch Range: We can create any beaded ribbons or symbols to commerate an event.


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Order codes:
Scooby Brooch: SB+
Copper Brooch: BC+
Beaded Brooch: BB+