Sugar Spoon Weight:25g 12.5cm (L)x 3.5 cm (W)

Beaded Cup: Standard:155g 8cm (H) x 13cm (W including handle)
Small:90g 6cm (H) x 10cm (W including handle) Dimensions


Sugar Spoons: Glass Beads delicately wrapped around a stainless steel classic sugar spoon.

Beaded Cups: Zulu beadwork at its best is sewn together and worked around a standard (pictured) or small enamel cup. Beads come in two sizes; size 1 beads (pictured) for a superior finish and higher quality or size 2 beads for a slightly rougher beadwork look and lower price.


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Order codes:
Sugar Spoon: SS

Beaded Cup:
Large Size 1: ZBCL
Small size 1: ZBCS
Large size 2: ZBCL2
Small size 2: ZBCS2