Above: Top L-R: Giraffe, Ostrich, Africa, Turtle, AIDS Ribbon
Bottom: Dragonfly, Guitar, Frog, Cross, Ladybug

Below: Top L-R: Elephant, Butterfly, Buffalo, Dolphin
Bottom: Elephant, Fish, Whale, Lion


Dimensions: approx 5-6cm in length
Weight: average is 20g


Our beaded keyring range are made using hands, wire and beads. Skilled wire artisans shape the wire frame, then using beautiful colour combinations Zulu beaders wrap the frames with glass beads to create your finished keyring.


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Order codes:
Giraffe: BKG
Ostrich: BKO
Africa: BKAfrica
Turtle: BKT
AIDS Ribbon: BKAids
Dragonfly: BKDfly
Guitar: BKAG
Frog: BKFR
Cross: BKCR
Ladybird: BKLB
Rhino: BKR
Buffalo: BKBuf
Dolphin: BKD
Elephant: BKE
Fish: BKF
Whale: BKW
Lion: BKLion